Busy Bees in July

Now that we are in the full swing of summer and the bees are buzzing around, we wanted to share an update with you about just that--being a 'busy bee'. In July, we have several new sessions and performances lined up (first time ones!), and are very excited and blessed to make a positive difference in more people's lives through music. 

1. Performance and speech at Visitation Day Program's annual golf outing Monday, the 9th. 

2. Atrium Post Acute Care Princeton performance this upcoming Friday, the 13th. 

3. Brookdale Senior Living performance this upcoming Saturday, the 14th. 

4. Children's music program at Crosswicks Library on the 3rd and 5th Monday's of the month, July 16th and 30th. 

5. Day program session at Sovereign Care Services' Highland Park location on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, July 18th. 

6. Summer workshop session with individuals supported by CBVI (blind) in Cherry Hill the last Wednesday of the month, July 25th. 

7. 2 new individual music lessons in Princeton, NJ on Tuesday's (for the remainder of the summer). 

8. Music workshop at NAMI Mercer on the 4th Monday of the month, July 23rd. 

Get out there and continue making your mark on the world! 

Jim Gaven