Independence Month

We've made it! It's now July, the month of independence. And, not just the independence from Britain for those who live in the United States of America, but independence from school (most children, teens, and young adults in elementary/secondary school and college) and work. Well, not entirely from work, unless you have your own business and have been able to craft your hours in such a way that you can take off the entire summer. Even if you aren't able to do this, usually camps, vacations, trips, parties, and BBQ's are more frequent through late June, July, and August. And, rightfully so. It's finally nice outside--and not just with the sun being out for longer periods of time each day, but temperature wise. It is for these things that we celebrate independence in its many forms. Over here at the Key of Awesome Music camp, we are very much looking forward to more independence from technology. Face to face interaction should and must be void of distraction if at all possible. This is if you are looking to establish, maintain, and eventually, grow conversations to relationships that last a life-time. That's what we are all about at Key of Awesome Music, so in keeping true to that sentiment, we are off to enjoy a 98 degree sun-filled day of making a difference in people's lives. Enjoy! 

Jim Gaven