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Hey there! 

I am on a mission to improve the quality of life for groups of people who are in a time of need or assistance. Plain and simple: I just want to make the world a better place by helping as many people as I can. To shine the light I have and share the gifts of time and talent I've been given with others. And, the best way I know how to is through music. 

A singer/songwriter/musician at heart, I've combined the love of music and making a difference into one. Key of Awesome Music, LLC is a company I formed 7 years ago with the initial intention of further protecting the music I’ve written and recorded as well as secure royalties for song placements in various media outlets. It has since grown into a family of 10 artists for licensing/publishing/sync representation. In addition to this, the company has branched out into consulting and interactive live performances, with an emphasis on individuals who have a developmental and/or physical disability. This is where the magic has been happening over the past 7 years as well. From group sessions at day programs in the community to one-on-one sessions at home to music nights/dances, radio station tours, recording studio sessions, and music store outings, I've had the distant pleasure in sharing a musical experience with those I serve and support.  

2018 is a new year and we are excited to be pushing the boulder up the mountain once more. We are currently in a period of growth, and looking to bring the joy of music to not only the developmentally and physically disabled, but to disabled veterans, at-risk youth, safe houses, homeless shelters, nursing homes/assisted living facilities, soup kitchens, drug and alcohol counseling centers, mental health organizations, and whoever else comes our way. 

Historically, the places above operate on shoe-string, if not, no-string, budgets. And, rightfully so. They are doing extremely meaningful work by ensuring people have something to eat and drink, have a safe place to live, and have clothes on their back. However, I firmly believe these are the kinds of places who need the healing power of music the most. I could go on and on about the power of music on the brain and the effect it has on human beings in physical, psychological, sociological, and emotional ways, but that would take far too long to express. What I will say is that music is the great communicator and connector. It breaks down language barriers, so when words alone fail, it prevails. I’ve experienced some miraculous moments, and music is at the heart of them all. 

In an effort to keep costs down for these organizations (soup kitchens, rescue missions, etc.), I am looking to secure an ongoing monthly donation of at least $1000 so that I can go into one of these places once a week for the remainder of 2018 (We’d love to go to these places twice, and even beyond 2018) to run a 1 and a half to 2 hour music program for those they serve and support. 

Help Key of Awesome Music, LLC be that source of light amidst the darkness, the source of hope when all seems lost, and the source of extra compassion, empathy, and love. 

Your generosity is very much appreciated, and we thank you so much for playing your part in making the world a better place. 

With love (and music), 

Jim Gaven, Founder/CEO
Key of Awesome Music, LLC
Improving the Quality of Life with Music

Jim Gaven