Music is a powerful tool which you can use for many reasons to improve the quality of life for yourself, those closest to you, or those you serve and support. Here's what we've found to be beneficial in individual lessons and group sessions by tapping in to the transformative nature of music:  

1. Establish, maintain, and build friendships/relationships, and social skills; 

2. Encourage teamwork through group rhythm and voice; 

3. Build confidence in oneself amongst your peers; 

4. Increase body awareness and overall awareness of surroundings; 

5. Educate in a way to assist in learning fundamental music concepts related to rhythm, voice, and sign language; 

6. Tap into short-term and long-term memory banks through every day conversations and songs; 

7. Decrease behaviors as well as performance anxiety; 

8. Improve mental well-being and overall quality of life. 


We would love to be able to provide this service free of charge, but, alas, we need to ensure our bills get paid just like yours. With that, we feel our rates are fair and reasonable for the service we are providing to you, your loved ones, or those you serve and support.

For individual lessons, we charge anywhere from $30-$45 per half hour session which can equate to $60-$90 per hour. The reason for the range of cost is to cover travel time/gas if we are traveling more than 30 minutes away from Hamilton. Individual lessons are catered to each person, and we are able to teach guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, percussion, and voice at a beginner and intermediate level.

We are a qualified provider in the state of NJ (ID#: PONJD008918), so if private pay just won't do it for you, we completely understand. This way, we are able to work within people's self-directed budgets as it pertains to the 'Goods and Services' line item for individuals who have a developmental disability.  

For group sessions, we have a tier system set up depending on how many people are in your group and how long you'd like the session to be (30, 45, and 60 minutes). These rates are not set in stone, but used more as a generality within 30 minutes of Hamilton, NJ. Travel time and expenses are taken into consideration when outside of the Mercer County area.  

        30 minutes                     45 minutes                     60 minutes

  • 4-8 people=$50 4-8 people=$75 4-8 people=$100

  • 8-15 people=$65 8-15 people=$90 8-15 people=$115

  • 15+ people=$75 15+ people=$100 15+ people=$125

To speak about what kinds of activities and concepts your students, children, or friends might do in a group session, please contact us here. 

If an individual lesson or group session is not on your radar, but you'd rather hire an entertainer, we are more than happy and capable to do that as well. Our rate for a performance in this realm is $150 an hour, give or take $25 extra for travel over 30 minutes from our main location in Hamilton.   


We are proud to partner with these organizations in bringing the love, joy, and gift of music to those they serve and support on a regular basis: 

TOPAC (The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation), Visitation Day Program, Life Choices Unlimited, Blue Light Digital Sound, PCIL (Progressive Center for Independent Living), SKIT (Special Kinds of Improvisational Theater), Center 4 Healing, COMHAR, Mercer County Special Services District, Sidekicks Respite Care, Capitol Kids, Sovereign Care Services, POAC Autism Services, Devereux, Community Options, NJCBVI (New Jersey Commission of the Blind and Visually Impaired), Experienced Support Coordination, Advantage Supports, Avenues for Independent Living, Navigation Supports, German American Club, Songs of Love, Music For All Seasons, Care One Hamilton, Rose Hill Robbinsville, Atrium Post Acute Care Hamilton, Lawrenceville, and Princeton, Arcadia in Hamilton, Acorn Glen in Princeton, Bear Creek Assisted Living (East Windsor), Artis Senior Living of Princeton Junction, and Homestead at Hamilton.